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Chord Sarum T Analog Interconnect


If a system’s sense of easy musical expression, expansive dynamics, and rhythmic flow set it apart, then that is due in no small part to the cables connect the components getting out of the way and letting them do their job, something which Sarum Super ARAY analog cable achieves effortlessly that you barely notice its contribution – until you remove it from the system and the music simply  closes down!

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Product Description

Chord Sarum T Analog Interconnect.

Common to the entire Sarum T portfolio, the unique Chord Company Taylon® insulation brings the proven advantages of phase stability to a far more affordable price point. Unique Super ARAY conductor geometry and high-performance

Chord Company PTFE plug surrounds ensure Sarum T comes a close second to the flagship ChordMusic.

4PIN DIN-XLR (single-ended)

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 2 in

1 metre, 2 metre

Source (From) Interconnect Termination

270° DIN5, Balanced XLR, DIN4, DIN5, RCA, Single-ended XLR

Destination (to) Interconnect Termination

270° DIN5, Balanced XLR, DIN5, RCA, Single Ended XLR

Single or Pair

Single, Pair