Naim HiLine Interconnect

Naim Standard Signal Interconnect Cable



1 Meter length. Please specify source end termination (DIN5, DIN4, 2 x RCA or 4 x RCA) and receive end termination (DIN5, DIN4, 4 x RCA or 2 x RCA).

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Product Description

The “Lavender” family of interconnects use a cable which is custom manufactured to Naim’s specification to provide the ideal impedance, capacitance and conductivity for Naim Audio products.

Each interconnect is meticulously hand-built in-house using established production techniques. These are genuine Naim factory supplied and packaged cables that are the same cables included as standard with Naim’s source components. They will typically outperform expensive non-Naim cables at many times their price. More expensive, exotic cables may well significantly detract from the carefully engineered whole system approach that Naim employs including grounding, signal routing, separation of power supplies and “brain” components as well as immunity for electrical, magnetic and mechanical interference with the music signal.

Additional Information

Source (From) Interconnect Termination


Destination (to) Interconnect Termination