Service Charges

Linn Service and Upgrades

Linn Classik and Majik voltage change 230V to 115V $320
Linn Dynamik Power Supply upgrade $800
Linn AV5140 speaker 8″ bass unit replacement $700 (per pair)
LP12 setup and cartridge alignment: No charge with new LP12 purchase
Klimax DS Katalyst DAC upgrade $5,720
Klimax DSM Katalyst DAC and HDMI 2.0 upgrade $6,160
DSM HDMI 2.0 upgrade $840

Naim DR Upgrades

NAP250-2 $1,795 (NAP250 re-cap is additional $200 with DR upgrade)
NAP300 $2,695 (NAP300 re-cap is additional $300 with DR upgrade)
NAP500 $7,495 (NAP500 re-cap is additional $400 with DR upgrade)
HICAP $995
XPS2 $1,995
SUPERCAP2 $2,795
555PS $2,995
552PS $3,595

For DR upgrades to products more than 5 years old a re-cap is recommended at the same time as the DR. A nominal additional fee is charged for the re-cap with DR, please call (408) 647 5407 for details if the re-cap cost is not shown in the list above.

Standard Service Rates

Standard service charge labor rate: $200/hour

Loudspeaker cable termination: No charge with purchase of cable and terminations

In-store minimum service charge: $300
On-site minimum service charge: $500

On-site service transportation/mileage expense is charged at the current California State Board of Equalization determined rate.