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The following items are used, open box, trade-in or ex-demo items authorized where applicable by our brand partners for sale at a discount off the original/regular price.
Please Contact us for more information and the latest price.
Please note all used/ex-demo/open box items are available for local pickup and delivery only.

Item Condition Original Price Sale Price
Naim XPS 2 DR used, upgraded to DR $7,499 $4,000
Linn Klimax DSM Katalyst used with warranty, black finish $23,375 $12,000
Linn Klimax DSM Katalyst used with warranty, black finish $23,375 $12,000
 Focal Sopra 2 Black Oak  Black Oak, ex-demo  $20,998  $18,000
 Kubala-Sosna EXPR (Expression) Speaker cables, 2.5M pair, spades both ends.  Used on consignment  $8,000  $3,500
 Linn Selekt Katalyst Integrated amps  Open Box  $9405  $7000
 Linn Selekt Line Out original Selekt version  Open Box  $6,500  $5,000
 Focal Sopra 1 Light Oak  Ex-demo  $9,990  $7,500
 Linn 530 system current model Akurate System Hub  (HDMI2.0)  silver finish  Ex-demo  $19,200  Contact
 Focal Scala Utopia Evo Loudspeakers, high gloss gray  Ex-demo  $52,998  Contact
 Naim NAC552 Pre-amplifier  Ex-demo  $34,995  Contact
 ATC SCM40 passive satin black  Ex-demo  $5,999  $5,499
 Naim Ovator S-800 Carbon Fiber  Ex-demo  $63,990  $35,000
 Naim Supercap 2 power supply  Ex-demo  $7,595  $5,000
 Naim Statement NACS1 Pre-amplifier – ex-demo  Ex-demo  $90,000  $75,000
 Naim NAP500 DR Reference Power Amplifier  Ex-demo  $33,995  $28,000
KEF Blades High gloss black  Ex-demo  $32,000  $24,000
 McIntosh C48  Used  $5,500  $3,500
 Naim New Uniti Nova  Open Box  $5,995  $3,995
 McIntosh MA352 Integrated Amplifier  Open Box  $7,000  $7,000
 McIntosh MC275 Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier  Open Box  $6,500  $6,500
 ATC C1 sub-woofer cherry  Trade-in  $2,999  $1,999
 Dali Fazon F5 loudspeakers  ex-demo  $4,795  $1,995
 Naim Supernait 3  ex-demo  $5,699  $4,999
 Naim NDX2 Streamer  ex-demo  $8,799  $6,999
 Naim ND5 XS 2 Network Player  used trade-in  $3,999  $3,199