Linn Klimax Organik DAC

Linn Klimax DSM from Basil Audio

Enabling Linn’s most natural sound ever 

New Organik DAC

Linn’s new home-grown all-Linn DAC sits at the heart of a new generation of Linn products. Combining FPGA processing with a discrete conversion stage, Linn can precisely control and optimise every stage of the digital to analogue conversion process, revealing even more of the tiny details that provide a closer emotional connection with the music.

Klimax Exakt from Basil Audio

Organik DAC features in next-generation Klimax DSM, Klimax Exaktbox & Klimax 350 speakers.

Experience Linn Organik DAC for yourself 



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At Basil Audio – 2021 Linn KDSM