McIntosh C8 Preamplifier from Basil Audio

Product of the Week McIntosh C8

McIntosh C8 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier

The C8 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier is also similarly sized to the MA252 Integrated Amplifier, and is powered by four 12AX7a vacuum tubes housed inside stylish protective cages. The C8 comes with 1 balanced and 2 unbalanced analog inputs, plus 1 Moving Coil and 1 Moving Magnet phono inputs with adjustable loading to play cherished vinyl collections on the Linn Majik LP12, Linn Akurate LP12, Rega P3Rega P10 or any high quality turntable fitted with either a MM or MC cartridge.

  • 5 analog inputs (1 balanced, 2 unbalanced, 2 phono)
  • (4) 12AX7a vacuum tubes
  • High Drive headphone amplifier
  • Optional dealer installed upgrade to DA2 Digital Audio Module available