Linn Utopik Power Supply Upgrade from Basil Audio

Linn Utopik Power Supply Upgrade Promotion ENDS JANUARY31

At Basil Audio we have been evaluating Utopik for a while in both Selekt and Klimax DSM chassis.

From today, November 1st 2023 Utopik will be available as an upgrade to many current and previously discontinued products:

Klimax DS (all models)
Klimax DSM (all models)
Klimax Renew DS
Klimax System Hub (all models)
Selekt DSM (all models)
Akurate DS (all models)
Akurate DSM (all models)
Akurate Exaktbox-6 and -10
Akurate Kontrol (all models)
Akurate CD
Kustom DSM Z4 and Z8
Majik DS (all models)
Unidisk (all models)

For a limited time, order any Linn Product or combination of products totaling $3,600 or more from Basil Audio and we will include a free Utopik upgrade of your choice for the above products.

For more information contact us or visit our Utopik upgrade product page.