Linn Adikt MM Cartridge

Linn Adikt MM Cartridge


Kandid is Linn’s best moving coil (MC) cartridge yet, designed to extract as much musical detail from your vinyl records as possible.

Trade-in your old or damaged cartridge for the following credit against a new Krystal:

Kandid: $600

Akiva: $400

Arkiv B: $400

Arkiv: $400

Krystal: $400

Klyde and Troika: $300

Karma: $250

Asaka: $200



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Product Description

The Linn Adikt Moving Magnet Cartridge is the ideal cartridge for vinyl enthusiasts to protect vinyl recordings. The use of an Adikt Cartridge provides a fantastic result for recordings with a smooth and extended frequency response.

Whether it is for beginners or experts alike, the Linn Adikt Moving Magnet Cartridge is designed for easy installation onto any Linn turntable or similar design.

As Linn’s newest moving magnet cartridge the Adikt gives users a cost-effective entry into the world of accurate vinyl reproduction. Linn maintains its reputation for precision engineering with the ultimate starting point for a vinyl playback system.

Additional Information

Radikal Type

Machined Radikal