Linn Krystal Moving Coil Cartridge from Basil Audio

Linn Krystal MC Cartridge


  • Moving coil (MC)
  • Precision machined 7075 aluminium body
  • Triple-point mounting system
  • Nude diamond stylus

Trade-in your old or damaged cartridge for the following credit against a new Krystal:

Kandid: $600

Akiva: $400

Arkiv B: $400

Arkiv: $400

Krystal: $400

Klyde and Troika: $300

Karma: $250

Asaka: $200



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Product Description

Two years in development, Krystal captures the minute changes in the record groove, letting you hear every musical detail.

Krystal features a similar approach to minimising mass as Kandid, using a nude design to give the cartridge less inertia so it can react more quickly to the changes in the groove. It also uses the triple-point mounting system for a solid connection to the tonearm headshell, while the aircraft grade 7075 aluminium chassis provides a lightweight, stiff and stable platform for the generator. Even the adhesive used on Krystal was painstakingly selected to provide the most rigid bond possible to avoid any dampening effects.

Whether you specify Krystal on your current turntable or buy it as part of an Akurate LP12, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a more musical performance from all your vinyl.

Additional Information

Radikal Type

Machined Radikal