Klimax Exaktbox 350 Solo Powered System

$221,860.00 $200,000.00

Now featuring Organik DACs

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Product Description

You can feel the attention to detail. Effortlessly and naturally musical, this is hi-fi with no-holds-barred.

The Klimax Exaktbox 350 Solo powered system is comprised of the Klimax Exakt 350 speakers, two Klimax Exaktbox-6, eight Klimax Solo amplifiers and the Klimax DSM System Hub.

Sound quality beyond compare, stunning looks and impeccable build.

Klimax Exakt 350

The ultimate intelligent loudspeaker.

The most advanced speaker Linn has ever made, Klimax Exakt 350 brings together so many breakthrough Linn technologies that describing it simply as a speaker doesn’t tell the whole story.

With built-in Exakt technology, the digital crossover in each speaker delivers six independent channels — one for every drive unit — each with its own volume control, DAC and on-board power amplifier. All this is built in to the module elegantly mounted on the back of the cabinet, avoiding the need for bulky separates.

Coupled with Linn’s best drive unit, bass and cabinet technologies, the result is a performance so musical and free of distortion, it gets you closer than ever before to the original recording.

  • Ultra-low resonance, pressure-formed cabinet
  • Exakt technology
  • 6 channels of DAC and amplification per speaker
  • Patented Linn 3K Driver Array
  • Aktiv Servo-Driven Bass system
  • 4000 W of power amplification per speaker
  • Plasma-cut ‘armour-grade’ steel plate stand
  • Standard and high gloss real wood veneer or bespoke colour finishes
  • A choice of chrome or black finish on the 3K array

Klimax DSM System Hub

Designed specifically for an Exakt system, Klimax Exakt DSM streams any source losslessly to your Linn Exakt speakers or Exaktbox.

Featuring Linn’s DS streaming technology and a range of inputs for external sources, every musical performance is perfectly transmitted over Exakt Link. Even your turntable will benefit from Exakt, using the best analogue-to-digital conversion available, to preserve every nuance of the delicate signal all the way to the speaker.

  • Streams any digital source over a standard network
  • Supports virtually any digital format up to 24-bit 192 kHz
  • Integrates seamlessly with Tidal & Qobuz lossless streaming
  • 9 digital & analogue inputs to connect your other sources
  • Exakt Links for connection to Linn Exakt speakers or Exaktbox
  • Space Optimisation