Naim Audio Uniti Nova

Naim Uniti Nova Upgrade Offer

Since the Basil Audio hosted Naim Statement event we’ve seen an increased interest in the Naim Nova as Naim’s ‘mini Statement’ offering, as well as renewed interest in classic and reference based systems.

First and most importantly a huge ‘thank you’ to our Monday March 4th event guests for taking the time to attend the day long Naim Statement demonstrations.

Secondly, we know not everyone wants a Naim Statement system. The Naim Uniti Nova is an all-in-one system that out-performs many separates systems at a higher price. However as a first or even second venture into Naim after the Atom and Mu-so we’ve seen that many customers would like to upgrade their main system to another Naim system such as the “classic”, “500 reference” or even Statement based system.

Lastly, Basil Audio is pleased to offer Naim customers, for a limited time*, the chance to upgrade their system conveniently and without loss from their investment in the Nova. We will trade in your existing Nova, whether originally purchased from Basil Audio or not, and credit you the full current MSRP of the Nova with a purchase of a separate streamer and amplifiers. For example:

System 1

Naim NDX2 + NAC282 + NAP200DR

Total Price: $7,495 + $8,995 + $3,995 = $20,485

Less Nova trade-in value $7,495

Final Price: $12,990

System 2

Naim NDX2 + NAC282 + Hicap DRNAP250DR

Total Price: $7,495 + $8,995 + $2,595 + $6,995 = $26,080

Final Price: $18,585

System 3

Naim NDX2 + NAC252 + Supercap DR + NAP250DR

Total Price:  $7,495 + $11,995 + $7,695 + $6,995 = $34,180

Final Price: $26,685

System 4

Naim ND555 + Naim NAPS555DR + NAC252 + Supercap DR + NAP300DR

Total Price:  $19,995 + $12,995 + $11,995 + $7,695 + $14,995 = $67,675

Final Price:  $60,180

Of course other combinations are possible with Naim’s famous modular approach including separate power supplies that can be used to further improve the base products’ performance over time.

Note:  Promotion offer expires Sunday June 30th, 2019*.