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Meridian DSP8000SE

$80,000.00 $39,999.00

Product Description

Basil Audio will have the complete Meridian DSP8000SE system available for demo beginning the week of May 13th.  If you wish to audition the system, please contact us by email at
(Please only serious buyers)

Audition dates:

The Special Edition series of Meridian loudspeakers represent the pinnacle of Meridian’s loudspeaker desgn and development programme and are the most advanced loudspeakers that Meridian has produced to date. The Meridian Special Edition 8000 is the largest and most powerful of this series.
Built by hand in the UK, the Meridian Special Edition DSP8000 is a Digital Active loudspeaker containing Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology. This ingenious, yet elegant design means that the loudspeaker enclosure contains the entire system’s electronics including its amplfication.