Linn K200 High Performance Speaker Cable

Linn K200 Speaker Cable 50M


Price is for a 50M drum.

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Product Description

K200 Speaker Cable Product Information

Linn’s highest quality loudspeaker cable

 Veryflexibleandeasytomanipulate
 Easy to solder and handle
 Inner cables chalked for easy stripping


Cable Core

DC resistance Insulation

Wire colours

Average radial thickness Radial thickness at one point

2-core – 2 twisted pairs
60 strands 0.3mm copper (4mm sq) Class 5 flexible to BS6360
4.95 ohms/KM (max)
PVC type TM2 to BS6746
Colours to BS6746C
1 Red
1 White
PVC type TM2 to BS6746
1.25 (min)
1.10 (min)

 2-core loudspeaker cable
 Each core contains 60 strands of copper (4 sq mm) Flexible sheath in silver finish
 Outer diameter 8 mm

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 4 in