Furutech eTP6 power distribution unit from Basil Audio

Furutech e-TP66R AC Power Distributor with FPX R 20A AC receptacles


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Product Description

The specially crafted high grade aluminum chassis effectively shields against another common problem, RFI (Radio Frequency Interference). Internal wiring is Furutech •-14, 2.0 sq. mm (14 AWG) guaranteeing low electrical resistance. Furutech FPX(R) 20A high performance rhodium-plated receptacles are wired to a high performance FI-06(R) IEC. The receptacles feature non-magnetic rhodium-plated phosphor bronze conductors for stable, long lasting, optimized power transfer.

RATING: 125V AC 50/60Hz CURRENT: 15 A OUTLETS: 6 Outlets BODY MATERIAL: AL.UMINUM ALLOY OUTWARD SIZE: 416 L x 65.5 W x 45.5 H mm WEIGHT (Net.): 0.84 Kg