Naim Ovator Loudspeakers Discontinued

Naim recently announced that they would be discontinuing the current Ovator loudspeaker range as of May 2016. The affected models are the Ovator S-800, Ovator S-600 and Ovator S-400. Production will continue until the manufacturing inventory is used up after which Naim will continue to support and service the current Ovator speaker range as they have done in the past.

We at Basil think that this is a great opportunity to acquire one of the final production editions of these remarkable speakers. We believe that we are the only Naim dealer in the United States with all three models available to audition at our store in Los Gatos, California. In addition, these floor models will be available for sale at special discounts off the retail price. All models carry the full manufacturer’s 5 year warranty as do new speakers.

Naim Ovator S-800 Carbon Fiber finish with both passive and active crossovers included – regular price $63,990 SPECIAL EX-DEMO PRICE $54,000

Naim Ovator S-600 Black Zebrano finish passive crossovers included – regular price $13,995 SPECIAL EX-DEMO PRICE $12,000
Naim Ovator S-400 Rosewood finish – regular price $7,995 SPECIAL EX-DEMO PRICE $6,000

For more information please call the store at (408) 647-5407 or email us at