McIntosh Announces New MC2.1KW Monoblock Amplifier

McIntosh MC2.1KW Mono Power Amplifier from Basil Audio
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The McIntosh MC2.1KW Power Amp – Unbridled Power and Sonic Brilliance

As a McIntosh Platinum Dealer, Basil Audio is thrilled to introduce you to the MC2.1KW, the culmination of 75 years of McIntosh’s unwavering pursuit of sonic perfection. This isn’t just a power amplifier; it’s a statement piece, a testament to McIntosh’s legendary craftsmanship and its relentless dedication to bringing you the purest, most powerful audio experience imaginable.

For a limited time initial orders of the MC2.1KW will bear the “McIntosh 75 years” emblems  on its casework.