McIntosh 70th Anniversary System

McIntosh 70th Anniversary Event

McIntosh, C70, MC2152, KEF, Blades
With the recent discontinuance of both C22 and MC75 and coinciding with McIntosh’s 70th anniversary in 2019, there was the opportunity to introduce the truly special C70 and MC2152 system. If the MC2000 is referred to as the best ever McIntosh stereo amplifier, the MC2152 meets and exceeds that performance. While the successors to the C2200 preamplifier have added digital features, the C70 remains purely analog in its signal path, allowing the partition of digital and analog parts of the system to continue to be separately upgradable over time. This partition forms the modern separates system that has become the hallmark of Basil Audio’s system offerings. Pair a Linn DSM integrated streamer, DAC and preamp with the MC2152 for a complete 2-unit system that also supports direct connection of both MC and MM vinyl front ends. Or build a top McIntosh reference system having the best sounding digital source we know of – Naim Core, D1100, C1100 and MC2152. Or stay with the anniversary combination of C70 and MC2152 (plus KEF Blades as pictured above) and add a single box, upgradeable top streamer such as Naim NDX2 while still preserving all-analog tube amplifcation for vinyl playback either directly using the C70 internal phono stage or by adding a dedicated external phono stage or even a Linn LP12 Klimax turntable which includes an integrated phono stage.

Saturday, 19th October @ 2pm

Get your ticket now for a chance to win the McIntosh book “For the Love of Music” worth $150

Thanks to McIntosh for supporting this event and for the kind donation of this fantastic raffle prize – congratulations to the winner – we’re really pleased that you won and hope you enjoy both reading the book and learning about the history of McIntosh Laboratories.