Linn Summer Promotion

Linn Summer Promotion…

For the Summer Promotion ’45 years of making everything sound better’, and as a thank you for your ongoing loyalty and commitment to the brand, Linn is offering customers 10% off a new equivalent Linn product when you trade in any equivalent legacy Linn product between Monday 2nd July and Monday 27th August 2018.

Basil Audio will match Linn’s 10% with a minimum additional 10% regardless of the condition and item being traded in. Additional trade in allowances will apply to products in resellable and cosmetically excellent condition including orginal packaging.

Trade in Linn CD12 or Linn Kontrol pre-amp for Linn Klimax DSM. Normal price $23,380 summer promotion price $18,700.

Trade in Linn Unidisk for Linn Akurate DSM. Normal price $10,250 summer promotion trade-in $8,200.

Trade in Linn Klout power amp for Linn Akurate 2200 stereo power amp. Normal price $5200 summer promotion trade-in $4160.

Linn Klimax DSM…
As HDMI has become a standard feature in streaming products in recent years Linn are repricing the Klimax DSM. If you’ve always wanted a Linn Klimax DSM now is the time. Linn customers can now purchase a Klimax DSM for the same price as a Klimax DS.
Customers can receive an additional 20% off the world’s best streamer with this summer promotion!

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