Linn Launches Four New Surround Systems

Six months on from the launch of Selekt DSM Linn has introduced four more configurations to create the best affordable surround system currently available. Easily installed upgrades take existing Selekt DSMs to surround level.

Selekt DSM Surround with integrated amplification is the highest performance one box surround source in the market – the addition of up to 5.1 speakers provides a simple yet striking, immersive cinematic experience.

What is Selekt DSM Surround?

Selekt DSM Surround comprises a Surround Sound Processing module, HDMI Switching module and three cartridges housing the DACs – either three line out or two power amplification plus a new combined power amp / subwoofer line out (depending on the model) – all uniquely packaged as modules and cartridges to fit efficiently into a compact space.

The four new models and pricing is as follows. All products and upgrades are available now.

Selekt DSM Surround $10,464

Selekt DSM Surround Integrated Power Amps $13,553

Selekt DSM Surround with Katalyst $15,015

Selekt DSM Surround Integrated Power Amps With Katalyst $18,102