Linn Kustom DSM form Basil Audio 2 streams/4 zones or 4 streams/8 zones in 1UI chassis

Kustom DSM 2 streams 4 zones


Kustom DSM is Linn’s new multi-zone network music player, designed specifically for the high end custom installation market and providing a competitively priced solution for quality sound throughout the entire home.

Proven, best-in-class Linn DSM streaming technology combined with continued innovation and investment into Surface Mount Technology has enabled Linn to create this dedicated installation product.

For the first time, we can offer a multi-zone network music player (4 stream / 8 zone or2 stream / 4 zone) in one compact, rack-mountable chassis.

Now we can offer our customers the highest quality sound throughout their whole home.

The addition of Kustom DSM to Linn’s range of high performance music systems gives us the flexibility to offer different solutions to suit different spaces in their home, without compromising on sound quality.

All systems can be combined seamlessly within the same installation, so the discreet Kustom DSM can power certain zones while a stand-alone system could be used in others for an even more immersive and enriching listening experience.

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