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The following items are for sale at a discount off the original/regular price. Discontinued models and finishes are priced as shown.
Please call +1 408 647 5407 or email info@basilaudio.com for more information and the latest price. If not otherwise noted all items are recently manufactured display models or ex-demo units with original factory packaging. Many of the items have been used only for a trade show or special event.
Unless stated otherwise all new and ex-demo items carry the full manufacturer’s warranty which is 5 years for electronics and loudspeakers or 2 years for disk players and transports. Used and trade-in items are supported by Basil and are out of manufacturer’s warranty.

Coming Soon – please call +1 408 6475407 for latest status, condition and price

Naim DBLs, used/trade-in, active crossover, black


New Arrivals – please call +1 408 6475407 to make an offer

Naim NAP100 power amplifier, ex-demo, regular price $1,495 CALL

LFD  NCSE 2 Integrated Amplifier, upgraded fuses and power cable used/trade-in regular price $7,500 SPECIAL PRICE $3,999

Naim Uniti Qute 2 b Half-Chassis Integrated Network Player ex-demo – Regular Price $2,595 SOLD

Naim New Uniti Nova, ex-demo regular price $6,995 SOLD

LUXMAN L-590AXII Integrated amplifier, 15 months old, as new in mint condition for sale by original owner on consignment to Basil Inc. price new $10,000 SPECIAL PRICE $4,995

Naim CDX2-2 (with selectable analog or SPDIF output) used,  regular price new $7,495 SOLD

Naim NDAC used,  regular price new $4,395 SOLD

Classe CT-SSP digital surround pre-amp used,  regular price new $10,990 SOLD

Gustard X20PRO DAC  – DAC-X20U PRO 2*ES9028PRO XMOS Ultimate HIFI DAC USB 384KHZ DSD64 128 256 SOLD

PS Audio P5 Power Plant used, regular price $3,499 SPECIAL PRICE $1,900 (2 available)


Samsung 85″ 4K UHD HDR TV Model UN85HU8550 with SEK3500U One Connect Evolution Kit SOLD

ProAc D30RS loudspeakers, ex-demo, ribbon tweeter, black finish, regular price $7,800 SOLD

Linn Kandid cartridge, low hours, ex-demo regular price $4,950 SPECIAL PRICE CALL 408 6475407


– Naim Super Lumina DIN4 to DIN4 regular price $3,295 CALL
– Naim Super Lumina 5M speaker cable regular price $5,595/pair SOLD
– Naim Super Lumina DIN5 to DIN5 regular price $3,295 SOLD
– Naim Super Lumina Stereo DIN4 to single-ended XLR regular price $2,750 SOLD
– Naim Super Lumina  DIN5 to RCA regular price $3,595 CALL

– Naim Hi-line DIN5 to RCA ex-demo, regular price $1,395 CALL

– Naim Hi-line DIN5 to DIN5 used, regular price $1,395 CALL


ProAc D30RS loudspeakers, ex-demo, ribbon tweeter, black finish, regular price $7,800 SOLD

ProAc D30RS loudspeakers, ex-demo, ribbon tweeter, silk white finish, regular price $7,800 SPECIAL PRICE CALL 4086475407

ATC SCM19 passive cherry regular price $3,995 SOLD

ATC C1 sub-woofer cherry regular price $2,495 CALL

Focal Kanta No 2 high gloss solar yellow regular price $9,999 CALL

Focal Kanta No 2 Mat Gauloise blue finish regular price $9,999 CALL

Focal Sopra 2 Black high gloss – regular price $14,999 CALL

Focal Sopra 3 Imperial Red high gloss – regular price $19,999 CALL

Naim Ovator S-800 Carbon Fiber finish with passive and active crossovers – regular price $63,990 SPECIAL PRICE $39,900
Naim Ovator S-600 Black Zebrano finish passive crossovers included – regular price $13,995  SPECIAL PRICE $9,900
Naim Ovator S-400 Rosewood finish – regular price $7,995  SPECIAL PRICE $5,900
Naim DBL speakers used, cherry finish complete with passive crossovers – original price $28,000 SOLD
Rega RX-3 loudspeakers – regular price $1,995 SOLD
Dali Fazon F5 loudspeakers, high gloss black finish, regular price $4,795 SPECIAL PRICE CALL 4086475407
Focal Aria 926 loudspeakers, high gloss white lacquer finish, regular price $3,299 SOLD

Focal Aria 906 loudspeakers, high gloss black lacquer finish including stands, regular price $1,798 SOLD

Focal Aria 900 loudspeaker stands, regular price $299 SPECIAL PRICE CALL 4086475407
Focal Electra 1028BE loudspeakers, high gloss black lacquer special premium finish, regular price $7,999 SOLD

Focal Electra 1038BE loudspeakers, Dogato Walnut finish, regular price $9,995 SOLD
Focal sub woofer SUB1000F black finish regular price $1,499 SOLD

Streaming and Multiroom

Naim New Uniti Atom, open box regular price $2,995 SOLD

Naim New Uniti Atom, with HDMI input option open box regular price $3494 SOLD

Naim New Uniti Nova, open box regular price $7,495 SPECIAL PRICE CALL 4086475407

Naim NAC N-272 ex-demo, regular price $5,995 SOLD
Naim NAC N-272 open-box, regular price $5,995 SOLD
Naim NDS head unit used, approx 4 years old – regular price $12,995 SOLD
Naim Uniti 2 b Integrated Network Player ex-demo – regular price $5,595 SOLD
Naim Uniti Lite Slim-chassis Integrated Network Player ex-demo – regular price $3,795 SOLD
Naim Uniti Qute 2 b Half-Chassis Integrated Network Player ex-demo – Regular Price $2,595 SOLD
Naim Mu-so – open box regular price $1,399 SOLD
Naim Mu-so Qb – open box regular price $899 SPECIAL PRICE CALL 4086475407
Naim Mu-so Qb – ex-demo regular price $899 SPECIAL PRICE CALL 4086475407
Naim Mu-so Qb – used trade-in regular price $899 SOLD

CD, Blu-ray Players

Naim CD555 head unit, used – regular price $25,995 SPECIAL PRICE $14,999

Cambridge CXU Universal Blu-ray player ex-demo $1,399 SOLD

Naim CDS3 head unit, used – regular price $6,995 SOLD

Naim CDX2 CD Player, used – regular price $7,495 SOLD


Naim Statement NACS1 Pre-amplifier – ex-demo, regular price $90,000 SOLD

Naim SuperLine Moving Coil Phono Stage – used, regular price $4,195 SPECIAL PRICE CALL 408 6475407

Naim SuperNait 2 Integrated Amp – regular price $5,695 SOLD 
Naim NAC552 Reference Pre-amp used – regular price $34,995 SOLD

Naim NAP500 DR Reference Power Amplifier ex-dem0  – regular price $33,995 SPECIAL PRICE $25,995
Naim NAP500 Reference Power Amplifier used S/N 164xxx   – regular price $33,995 SOLD
Naim NAP500 Reference Power Amplifier used S/N 166xxx- regular price $33,995  SOLD
Naim NAP250-DR Power amplifier ex-demo – regular price $6,995 SOLD

Naim NAP250-DR Power amplifier ex-demo – regular price $6,995 CALL
Naim NAP300DR Power amplifier ex-demo regular price $13,995 SOLD

Naim NAP 100 Power amplifier unused open box regular price $1,495  CALL
Naim NAP200 Power amplifier (non-DR) ex-demo with 3 year warranty regular price $3,995 SOLD
Naim NAP155X Power Amplifier used, trade in SOLD
Naim NAP152 Pre-amplifier used, trade in SOLD
Rega Brio-R – regular price $995 SOLD

Classe CT-SSP used,  regular price $10,990 SOLD

Power Supplies

Naim 555PS Power supply used, with new DR Upgrade and recap service  – regular price $11,495 SPECIAL PRICE $8,495 
Naim Supercap 2 power supply used – regular price $7,595 SOLD
XPS DR power supply opened box – regular price $6,595 SOLD

Hicap 2 – used, new DR upgrade and recap regular price $2,595 SOLD


Naim Aro tonearm used – regular price $2,350 (when discontinued) SOLD
Garrard 401 used trade-in 50Hz and 60Hz motor pulleys available $750SOLD

Digital to Analog Converters

Naim NDAC used,  regular price new $4,395 SOLD

Music Servers – note new lower prices on music servers

Melco N1A Digital Music Library, silver – regular price $1,995 SOLD
Naim Unitiserve 2TB Music Server / CD Ripper – used, regular price $4,395 SOLD
Naim Unitiserve 2TB Music Server / CD Ripper – unused open box, regular price $4,395 SOLD
Naim Unitiserve SSD Music Server / CD Ripper, used – regular price $4,595 SPECIAL PRICE $995


Naim Fraim Base Unit maple finish used – regular price $1,399 SOLD
Naim Fraim shelf silver/maple 264mm/tall used – regular price $1,099 SOLD
Naim Fraim shelf silver/maple 115mm/short used – regular price $1,099 SOLD
Naim Chips floor protectors regular price $35 each, used $25 each

Naim Fraim Base Unit black finish ex-demo, 5 available – regular price $1,399 CALL
Naim Fraim shelf black/black intermediate ex-demo, 4 available – regular price $1,099 CALL
Naim Fraim shelf black/black 115mm/shortex-demo, 4 available – regular price $1,099 CALL

Naim Fraim Lite base plus level black/black 115mm/short ex-demo – regular price $1,099 CALL (1 available)

Naim Fraim Lite twin level black/black 115mm/short ex-demo – regular price $1,099 SOLD

All-in-one Systems


Superb complete vintage system comprising LP12-Valhalla/ITTOK LVII, NAC42, NAP110, Hicap, Diesis Solitaires, Solid speaker stands. All cables included including long 25 feet+ runs of NACA4  NO LONGER COMPLETE – SEE BELOW

NAC42/NAP110/HICAP together $895 as-is

NAC42 pre chrome bumper $250 as is /$600 with full service/rebuild/recap
NAP110 chrome bumper $500, $895 with full service/rebuild/recap
Hicap chrome bumper $450, $795 with full service/rebuild/recap
Diesis speakers with stands (no spikes) $250
Here’s what Mr Richard Dane had to say on the Naim Forum about the Diesis Solitaires:
However, still my favourite inexpensive small stand-mounts by far are the Diesis Solitaire – the originals, not the revised ones post O’Rourke Bros.  They’re getting on a bit now but I was reminded recently just how good they were and still are.  When they were in production I preferred them to Kans.  They’re fast and articulate without appearing to be contrived.  They work just as well on rock as they do on Jazz or Classical.  Although not their primary goal, they do recreate the illusion of space and they do imaging if you want it.  Oh, and they look pretty cool too, with fluted cabinetry that apes the Linn Sondek – no prizes for guessing who they were aimed at then.  They’re rare these days but they do appear from time to time.  A pair in good condition should be well within your budget.  The Solitaires really do ask just how much progress has been made in loudspeakers in the past 25 years.