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Basil Inc. Audio Systems Brings High End Audio to Apple TV at T.H.E. Show

Basil Inc. Audio Systems Brings High End Audio to Apple TV at T.H.E. Show

California’s fast growing innovative audio retailer pioneers Naim and Linn electronics and taps into The Chord Company cable range to create bespoke entertainment solutions for HDMI audio

LOS GATOS, Calif. , June 2nd 2016 — Basil Inc. today announced that it will present a new system solution that brings high quality audio HDMI to digital sources such as Apple TV, cable modems, gaming consoles and disc players.

This is also believed to be the first time multiple Naim Mu-so Qb wireless speaker systems have been deployed to create a “wall of sound” effect and replace conventional stereo loudspeakers in a high end audio system. For the first time at a US audio show, Basil will feature a full loom of all of Chord’s new “C” range of cables – C-line, C-view, C-stream and C-digital in a complete system that combines Naim and Linn source components to deliver an aesthetically pleasing and musically satisfying experience. This system combines the best of both companies’ products with the popular Apple TV and Sony PS4 games console in a real-life family setting. As a result, disparate apps from Naim, Linn, Apple, Tidal, Spotify and others are harmonized into a single wirelessly controlled true high end music system. A characteristic of the key components from Naim and Linn, as well as Chord cables is their particular attention to the timing aspects of musical reproduction. The system on display at the show, despite being based on modest cables plays to those strengths. “The Chord Company’s product portfolio now comprises seven distinct ranges, from the entry-level C-series, to the flagship, no-compromise ChordMusic cables. The new ranges offer consumers a high-quality solution, regardless of budget said Alan Gibb, Chord’s Managing Director. “We are pleased to welcome our new retailer in California, Basil Audio, and delighted that our cable loom forms such an important part of the systems that they deliver to their customers.”

Chord’s C-line 1M long cables are priced at $75/pair. C-stream cables are available in lengths of 0.75M, 1.5M, 3M and 5M and priced at $100 – $175 each. C-view is available in lengths of 0.75M to 10M and priced at $125 for a 1.5M length. C-digital 1M is priced at $75. Active Resolution 2  is available in lengths of 0.75M to 20M and priced at $350 for a 1.5M length.

The C-series represents The Chord Company’s entry level range. It utilizes techniques developed for the company’s high-performance cables, but applies them in a way that enables great affordability. The range features analogue and digital interconnects, including the C-view — a new super-slim HDMI cable, a C-series USB, plus the C-screen: Chord’s most discreet and cost-effective shielded speaker cable. The award-winning C-line analogue and the new C-digital interconnect both benefit from the implementation of the company’s famous ARAY conductor configuration.

Other cables ranges from Chord include:

Clearway speaker cable and a digital interconnect that use Tuned ARAY technology, originally developed on the Chord Sarum.

Shawline cable range

Epic cable range

Signature digital, streaming, USB and AES/EBU cables

Sarum interconnect, power cable and speaker cable range, widely regarded as being some of the most musically transparent cables available.

ChordMusic, developed using an entirely new insulation material called Taylon®, that takes cable performance to a completely new level.

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Products featured in Basil’s foyer display (F11) include:

Naim Mu-so Qb Wireless Music System

Naim Mu-so Wireless Music System

Naim UntiQute 2 All-in-one Music System

Naim Uniti 2 All-in-one Music System

Naim N272 Streaming Pre-amplifier

Naim NAC 552 Reference Analog Pre-amplifier With Reference Power Supply

Naim NDS Reference Network Player

Naim NAPS555 Reference Power Supply for Digital Devices

Naim UntiServe Music Server

Naim Powerline Power Cables

Naim Fraim Equipment Supports

Linn Klimax Exakt System

Linn Klimax Exakt DSM Network Music Player

Linn 5 series

Linn 530 Exakt Active Loudspeakers

Linn Akurate Exakt DSM Network Music Player

Linn Majik DSM Network Music Player
Chord C-line analog cables

Chord C-view HDMI cables

Chord C-stream Ethernet cables

Chord C-digital S/PDIF Co-ax cables

Chord Active Resolution 2 HDMI cables

Melco N1A Music Server

Cambridge Audio CXU disc player


Naim App for iOS and Android

Naim nServe app

Linn Kazoo


Basil was formed to provide, install and support world class audio systems for music lovers and audio enthusiasts in the San Francisco Bay Area. Basil selects audio components and systems from leading manufacturers and provides system solutions that are musically and aesthetically satisfying in home or office environments. The Basil team has extensive technical experience over decades designing complex analog and digital systems used in leading high tech systems and by semiconductor companies. Based in Los Gatos, Calif., Basil services customers in Northern California and other regions in the US.

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