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Limited Edition Linn Klimax System in Caledonian Blue

Linn have announced availability of a very limited number of special edition Klimax systems finished in Caledonian blue.

The price is $109,000 and includes  a center-piece Falachan to store accessories such as remote control or iPad.

Falachan is a Gaelic (Scottish) word that means “hidden treasure”.KlimaxDSMBlue

Brochure: Limited Edition Klimax System in Caledonian Blue

Caledonia is actually a Latin name that was given to Scotland by the Roman Empire.  The name may be related to that of a large central Pictish tribe, the Caledonii, one amongst several in the area and perhaps the dominant tribe. Its name can also be traced to a concatenation of two Celtic words which literally means “hard feet” and has been used to indicate steadfastness and endurance. For more information click on the link above to read the brochure or call us at (408) 647-5407.